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5,000 E-mails (7 sets) for $199
25% open rate guarantee
Min. 3500 click-thru rate guarantee
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10,000 E-mails (7 sets) for $299
25% open rate guarantee
Min. 7000 click-thru rate guarantee
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20,000 E-mails (7 sets) for $399
25% open rate guarantee
Min. 14,000 click-thru rate guarantee
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40,000 E-mails (7 sets) for $499
25% open rate guarantee
Min. 28,000 click-thru rate guarantee
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80,000 E-mails (7 sets) for $599
25% open rate guarantee
Min. 56,000 click-thru rate guarantee
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The order form below is for the first campaign of 7. We will use the same ad details for each 7 campaigns automatically. You may change the ad copy/ subject line & target for the following 6 campaigns (simply send us an email and let us know). We will schedule your campaigns to start 1 day after your last email has been sent from the previous campaign. If you need a different schedule please let us know.

1. Please select an Order amount on the menu to your left.
Local Targeting: 10.000 E-mails (7 sets) $299
(Local Targeting)

2. Fill in your EMAIL ADDRESS (NO CAPS please, this will only be used to email your confirmation and your expected bulk email date).
Your bulk emails will be mailed no later than 5 business days or it's FREE.

3. Choose how many days you would like to spread your campaign over
Spread over 1 Spread over 5 Spread over 10 Spread over 30

4. Choose one or more of the categories that best fit your target audience.

*If you do not see your Target group please contact us so we can check with our suppliers and in most cases locate it for you.

  General   Females 18-30 in age
  Homeowners   Small to Mid Size Businesses
  Parents   Household Income over $100,000
  Male 18-30 in age   Renters
  Male 30+ in age   Seniors
  Females 30+ in age   Boutique Shoppers
  Homeowners looking to Sell   Coffee Drinkers
  Interest in Organic Foods   Pet Owners
  Job Seekers   Restaurant Customers

5. Choose your Zipcode(s), Postal(s), Postcode(s) Province(s), County or City that best fit your product or service.
Daily Updated Lists Available that receive high click-thru rates.

(We track the emails we use for you via email address as your account number.
New list every time unless you notify us you would like to repeat the same addresses).

Zip or Postal(s), Province, County or City Field:
(i.e. New York City, NY) (i.e. Orange county, CA) (i.e.18109, 18052, etc.)

6. Fill in up to 3 ROTATING SUBJECT LINES for your bulk email ad.

7. Submit your BODY/COPY below
*For HTML email, please send via separate Please inform us below of separate email. (Simply type below "See Separate HTML email").

Or if you would like us to write the text ad simply enter your Website /URL / or Link below.

8. If you have a promotional code please enter it here: (Promotion will reflect on your Email Receipt you receive after payment and not on Payment page)

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