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Statistics Services

Here at Quality Ad Marketing we do track stats via ip addresses (Deliverables, Opens, and Click-thrus). This is at no extra charge. Simply request the stats after 6 days of when your campaign started.

To track on your site for comparison to our stats, we would suggest the following:

or via your host company for the most accurate tracking.


  • Now with a 10% open rate guarantee with 1000 click-thru minimum per 1 Million emails sent on the Large Targeting.
  • Now with a 25% open rate guarantee with 1000 click-thru minimum per 10,000 emails sent on the SIC and Local.
  • Select up to 3 rotating subjects for your email ad!

If using Google Tracking please be aware of the following: Google Analytics uses JavaScript tags to collect data. This industry-standard method yields reliable trends and a high degree of precision, but it's not perfect. Most of the time, if you are noticing data discrepancies greater than 15%, it is due to an installation issue. Common problems include JavaScript errors, redirects, untagged pages and slow client-side load times.

We mask your email links and redirect traffic to them. This is to protect you against spam complaints and to also enable us to track the clicks. The downside is that many tracking counters will not count redirected traffic because they cannot determine the source.