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10,000 E-mails (7 sets) $299
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20,000 E-mails (7 sets) $399
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For example, if you choose 3 different categories on the order page, it will be split up evenly as the numbers allow. The categories below show the counts of how many email addresses we have in each one. These counts are low estimates and are updated daily. If you do not see the target you are looking for contact us, chances are we can get it.

#1 Crowdfunding Marketing

7 campaigns for the price of one

Increase your client base 3X overnight

*We will use the same ad details for each 7 campaigns automatically. You may change the ad copy/ subject line & target for the following 6 campaigns (simply send us an email and let us know). We will schedule your campaigns to start 1 day after your last email has been sent from the previous campaign. If you need a different schedule please let us know.

  • 10% Click-Thru Rate Guarantee (if we fall short we will send more emails out)
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We now offer super targeted email addresses for our clients whom need to focus on certain types of crowdfunding prospects. Please choose from the "Price Packages" we have listed on the left hand side of the page.

*If you do not see your Target group please contact us so we can check with our suppliers and in most cases locate it for you.

1. Reward Crowdfunding Reward crowdfunding allows investors to contribute to your venture in return for non–financial benefits. This type of funding is commonly used for creative projects. It usually operates as a tired system – the more an investor donates to your fund, the greater the reward they will receive (eg credits on a record cover, tickets to an event, free gifts etc). A benefit to the business is that the reward doesn’t usually cost much to deliver.

2. Debt Crowdfunding Debt crowdfunding provides investors with the chance to fund your project in exchange for financial interest on their investment. This finance option may provide you with borrowing at a lower cost than that offered by applying for a loan through a bank. The advantage of this model is that it may be easier to win support for a campaign, as the backers are attracted to getting a return. This type of crowdfunding may work best for businesses with a track-record of revenues.

3. Equity Crowdfunding An equity crowdfunder will invest money in return for shares, or a small stake in your business, project or venture. This type of crowdfunding could work best for growth-focused companies in areas where there is potential for return.

4. Donation Crowdfunding This type of crowdfunding is designed for charities, or those who raise money for social or charitable projects, to gather a community online and to enable them to donate to a project. While most established charities coordinate this through their own website, crowdfunding platforms can be useful for smaller organisations and people raising money for personal or specific charitable causes..

Code # # of Addresses
1 Reward Crowdfunding  5.4 Million
2 Debt Crowdfunding  5.9 Million
3 Equity Crowdfundings  4.6 Million
4 Donation Crowdfunding  9.4 Million